Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep Apnea Dentist Columbia

Sleep apnea is highly treatable. The effective treatment of sleep apnea begins with the screening visit and determining the severity of your sleep apnea.

Take Home Sleep Test. We can test for the severity of your sleep apnea with take home sleep test worn in the comfort of your own bed.  This avoids having to be tested in a sleep lab where it is often difficult to sleep.

Obstructive sleep apnea is the most common type of sleep apnea and is caused by complete or partial obstructions of your airway.

At Columbia Smile Center we treat sleep apnea with an oral appliance:


Oral airway appliances. A custom oral appliance is created and worn at night, which works to move the jaw forward thereby increasing the size of the airway. These oral appliances work to treat sleep apnea and are effective at stopping snoring.  The below video explains how the device works.


What are the benefits of treating sleep apnea?
Beyond the already well-known benefits of sleep apnea treatment, like providing improved sleep and energy levels, treatment can ultimately improve your overall health by:

  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Reducing diabetic complications
  • Improving glucose control
  • Reducing the potential risk for heart attack, stroke and heart disease
  • Improving daytime energy and stamina
  • Relieving excess stress on the heart and vascular system

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